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£50K Cricket Winner

Dec 12, 2019 3:57:04 PM

When Weston’s Cider offered customers the chance to Bowl for £50,000, they couldn’t imagine the national press coverage that it would ultimately trigger when one of their customers struck lucky to claim the £50,000 prize! Interviews on Sky Sports TV and dozens of stories in the press, taking the event and the brand to the forefront of peoples minds.

As sponsors of the England & Wales Cricket Board Westons’ Stowford Press brand, had offered customers throughout 2,000 pubs the chance to win some great prizes, including the chance to Bowl for £50,000 at Trent Bridge during the England versus New Zealand One Day International.  BBC 5Live Presenter Mark Chapman hosted the competition, which took place in front of a 16,000 strong crowd. As if the four Stowford Press contestants needed any more pressure than a £50,000 winners cheque!  See it to believe it, watch the video here.

The contestants were required to make three bowls on a full-length wicket at three stumps, then two then one.  When the first three contestants missed their opening bowl, it was all left to Yorkshire man Chris Newall.  Chris who hadn’t played competitive cricket for 20-years and is more used to bowling balls at his son in their garden, was spot on with his first ball. One stump was removed and the crowd roared loudly when his second bowl was just as accurate.  So it all came down to a final bowl, for £50,000 at a single stump. A superstitious Chris took all the luck he could get, refusing a new ball for the last bowl and waiting his lucky ball to be returned from behind the stumps. With a big vocal support from the home crowd, Chris ran in and struck the stump full on to win £50,000! He seemed almost stunned at first by what he had achieved and the thought of a £50,000 windfall!

‘I’m originally from Yorkshire so I guess there’s a bit of the old Fred Truman in there somewhere. My boys both play for Herefordshire and I’ve been watching them to pick up some pointers. But I’ve not played properly for 20 years. My wife was in the car when I called with my two sons. They were all cheering and screaming when I told them.’

When asked what he’ll do with the money:  ’A family holiday. If we can get tickets we’ll go to Melbourne for the Boxing Day Test at the MCG later this year, but if then the Caribbean.’

The promotion was organised by Nottingham based The Together Agency, on behalf of Westons .  Jonathan Turner partner at the agency commented

“The promotion was a huge success from start to finish and the involvement and experience of WorldWide Special Risks ensured the final moments were memorable for all concerned. The coverage received by the brand was extensive and produced a very positive ROI. We would have no hesitation is using WorldWide Special Risks for future promotions as the company’s cover is so flexible we can use it in a number of ways.”

The Promotion: How did it work?

During the 6month promotion, customers were handed scratch cards with a unique code, when they made a purchase at one of the 2,000 pubs. To find out whether they had won a prize they went on line and entered their code, along with some data capture. There were over 3,000 prizes that included 2,000 Cricket Shirts, 30 Playstations with an International Cricket game and hundreds of cricket tickets.

At the end of the promotion, four people were drawn from all the entries and invited to take part on the £50,000 bowl during the England International. With a few restrictions on who can take part in such contests, the Contestants were check to see that they weren’t ex-or current county cricketers or better, which was outlined in the terms and conditions.

The Progressive Sequence skill based bowling competition required finalists to bowl three balls at 3 then 2 and finally a single stump. If they hit all three they won £50,000 or a share if there was more than one winner.

Prize Insurance

The £50,000 prize was covered by WorldWide Special Risks, in return for a prize insurance premium just a fraction of the £50,000 won.

To ensure the event ran smoothly WorldWide provided a representative to attend and officiate the contest. When the winner struck this also enabled the claim to be resolved quickly so that the winner could receive their prize.

WorldWide Special Risks insure bowls, kicks and throws for a wide range of sports, including Cricket, Football, Rugby, Basketball, Golf, Ice Hockey and more.

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