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Breakfast TV Birthday game winner

Dec 12, 2019 3:58:53 PM

Lucky Maltese breakfast show view Josephine woke up to a €2,500 surprise recently. Breakfast programme Bongu had been offering the daily prize to encourage viewers to tune in and call the morning show.

Randomly selected viewer Josephine received a welcome bonus.  Having got through as a random caller, Josephine picked up a €2,500 prize when her birthday matched the lucky birthday announced by the host.

WorldWide Special Risks provided prize insurance to cover payment of all winners during the series, so the station was able to pay out with a smile its face!

Contact us for information on Prize Insurance for Game Shows, Radio and other similar formats.  We have insured mechanics such as Who Want’s to be a Millionaire, Deal or No Deal and The Million Pound Drop and welcome your enquiry.

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