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Direct Mail Fundraising – CLIC Sargent

Dec 12, 2019 4:07:24 PM

Direct Marketing is a popular activity for Charities and Fundraisers, an excellent way to engage with new & existing contacts and of course raise valuable funds.  However, the difference between a good and bad response can be a baffling science.

Our Direct Marketing Promotions help ensure a positive response to your mailers.  Insured prize mechanics enable exciting and enticing prizes and gifts to be offered as a reward for a response, for a minimal outlay, from just pennies per mailer.

CLIC Sargent is one such charity that has run several successful direct marketing campaigns using enticing prizes to recruit new supporters to the charity, and engage with existing supporters through a new channel.  Each mailer contains a unique code, with several codes being pre-assigned to a range great prizes, including a car worth £9,000 or cash equivalent.

To find out if they have won the recipient sends the reply form to the charity, with the option to make a donation.  If the recipients of the mailers with the winning prize codes respond, then WSR pay for the prizes!

Using multiple prizes as an incentive, response rates have greatly increased on warm leads and cold leads.

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