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Eldorado Birthday Promotion

Dec 12, 2019 4:03:39 PM

Eldorado, Russia’s largest chain of home appliances and electronics, wanted to celebrate their 10th birthday in style by giving their customers the chance to win life changing prizes.

During a five week period Eldorado rewarded their customer’s purchase with a scratch card. In total, 2,000,000 cards were distributed throughout 350 stores with a total prize pool of over €2.5 Billion.

Each card had 4 winning prize symbols hidden behind 16 panels.  Customers scratched 4 panels away of their choice and if they found the winning symbols, the prize was theirs!

With four levels of cards, the customers spend determined which prize they got to play for. Supported by an unmissble marketing campaign with a strong above the line campaign including nationwide coverage on Billboards, Television and Internet consumers were made fully aware of the promotion and enticed into their local stores.

Winners were advertised daily on Eldorado’s website with a brief interview asking them what they were planning to do with their prize.

WSR provided insurance on the prizes and limited Eldorado’s liability for the €2.5Billion exposure, in addition to sourcing the scratch cards and advising on the terms and conditions for the promotion.

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