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The Telegraph Cricket Hit for a Million

Dec 12, 2019 4:01:37 PM

Six lucky Telegraph readers were given the chance of a lifetime to “Hit for a Million” at the final Test Match of the summer. The promotion was run in conjunction with the papers sponsorship of the home Test Series and included promotional activity at the tests plus in paper and online support.

Designed to raise the profile of the paper and it’s sports section amongst a targeted audience it proved a huge success, raising awareness and collecting thousands of contact names and addresses for future marketing.

Walking onto the outfield at The Oval the contestants each faced two balls from Telegraph Cricket Writer Simon Hughes.

To win the Million one ball had to land in the “Hit for a Million Target Bin”, place in the outfield. Despite some nice and easy bowling the Million Target Bin was untroubled on this occasion. However two contestants did win a £1,000 consolation prize for landing a ball nearby on the branded target area.

The whole occasion was overseen by former Test Umpire Dickie Bird for impartiality plus a crowd of thousands of course!

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