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Conditional Rebate Insurance

Conditional Rebate Insurance protects a brands liability to offer money back incentives linked to a pre-determined trigger.  A classic example of conditional rebate is a “White Christmas” cash back.  Customers who have purchase a qualifying product, would receive a refund if it snowed on Christmas day!  In return for an insurance premium, which is a fixed percentage of the sales value, WorldWide Special Risks will fund the cash back, if the snow falls.


There are a whole host of conditional rebate scenarios that you can choose from, or we can create your own…

Football World Cup… If England win the World Cup, anyone who has purchased your product will receive a full refund.

Summer Time… If the temperature hits 100 degree’s then readers of the news paper will receive a free tub of Ice Cream!

Summer Rain… If there are more than 5 rain days in July, anyone who bought your garden furniture will receive their money back!

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