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Contractual Bonus Sports Insurance

Contractual Bonus Insurance protects the financial risks associated with bonus payments paid to sports associations, teams and players.


Sports Associations and Clubs will often have performance bonus incentives built into team and player contracts, where bonuses are paid according to results. Sponsors of sports Associations, Clubs and Players may also offer additional bonus payments for achieving a level of success.

If this is the case we can minimize your financial risk taking responsibility for payment of bonuses on your behalf in return for an insurance premium, usually a fraction of the cost of the overall exposure.

Contractual bonus insurance from WorldWide Special Risks can be used for a wide range of sports including;

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Athletics and Cycling
  • plus motorsports including F1 and Motor Cycling.
  • The same product can also be used by brands offering “Cash-Back” promotions based around sporting results. For example, buy a TV in the build up to the World Cup and get 100% refund if England Win! See our Conditional Rebate section for more information.

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