Event Cancellation Rebate Scheme (ECRS)

Welcome to the ECRS page.  

Your Marquee Hire Company has provided you with protection under the ECRS to rebate your deposit and relieve you from having to pay the balance for the hire of the marquee and any other items hired from them should your Event be cancelled due to most, but not all causes which are beyond your control.

As partners of your Marquee Hiring Company, WorldWide Special Risks can offer you an additional insurance package:

1.    for causes of cancellation which are not protected by the ECRS

a)    Non-appearance of any person or persons, whose failure to attend would cause the Event to be cancelled. This would be anyone other than the Key Person under the ECRS insurance or any person who does not qualify as a Key Person under the ECRS because they are 65 years or older.

b)    Insurance for communicable diseases which prevent your Event from happening but which fall outside the protection you have under the ECRS.

c)    Insurance for foot and mouth disease beyond the ECRS cover,

d)    Other causes not covered by the ECRS which, may be insurable, please discuss with us.

2.    Costs and expenses for other services associated with your Event which you still have to pay if the Event is cancelled

a)    costs of caterers, comperes, toastmasters and other temporary staff
b)    costs of musicians, DJs, entertainers or other performers
c)    costs of dedicated transport, hire cars, chauffeurs and such like
d)    costs of hiring other equipment or staff for the Event other than from your Marquee Hire Company

3.    for other insurance products associated with your Event

a)    Public Liability insurance for the Event

b)    Employers Liability for any temporary staff you employ for the Event

c)    All Risks of Physical Loss or Damage to any equipment that you hire specifically for the Event, where you are resposible for any loss or damage to the items, and any extra costs in replacement thereof.

These above lists are not exhaustive; we are flexible enough to consider insuring whatever you need. Our friendly, helpful and knowledgable staff can help you to get the protection you need at the best price.

Please give us a call on 01727 843686 for more information and to discuss your insurance needs.

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