Cancellation & Non Appearance

Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance will cover any expenses or lost revenue that you might stand to lose if the event you are holding or attending is cancelled, abandoned or postponed for unforeseeable reasons beyond your control.

This can include adverse weather, a very bad storm the night before an outdoor event, such as a fete, carnival, or music festival causing the whole area to flood. Your insurance would reimburse lost costs and expenses if the event had to be cancelled or cover the additional costs of rescheduling to another day. If you contact us in time, we may even provide funds for equipment such as walkways and matting to make the area safe so it can go ahead, despite the weather!

Non-Appearance Insurance is an additional option when taking out Cancellation cover. This creates protection where an event is dependent on the attendance of one or more individuals. For example the Key Speaker at your conference is unavoidably delayed, the singer at your concert becomes ill or the Bride can’t make it to the church in time (free will excluded of course!).

Additional perils such as Terrorism, Communicable Diseases (Avian Flu, Swine Flu, Foot and Mouth, Sars), Volcanic Ash Clouds and National Mourning, can all be considered.

WorldWide Special Risk have a range of packaged event insurance products for common events.  However we also have many years experience is underwriting bespoke events, so whatever your event or concern we would be delighted to hear from you.

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