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Fireworks Display Insurance provides a range of insurance cover protecting a firework display event organiser for firework events large or small.  Are you planning a firework display for bonfire night, a New Years Celebration or other private parties, weddings or public events?

Our Firework Insurance cover includes Public Liability Insurance for “Category 3″ fireworks or below with limits up to £10m.

Contact us for information on Category 4 Firework Insurance Cover with Professional Fireworks Firers.

Fireworks Insurance can be taken out for small events with a few close friends or larger occasions with up to 5,000 people attending.

Key Benefits:

  • A choice of £1m, £2m, £5m or £10m Public Liability Fireworks insurance cover
  • A wide range of Attendance Levels
  • Optional Cancellation insurance cover including Adverse Weather Insurance Cover in case your event is cancelled or postponed is available on request
  • Firework display insurance premiums start from under £100
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