Lottery Syndicate Insurance – Protect your business.

How would your business cope were a syndicate of staff to strike it lucky and win the National Lottery?  It may seem far fetched but the reality is that their dream could be a nightmare for the business.  The £45,000,000 scooped by seven IT staff in Liverpool was the UK’s largest ever won by a syndicate and all seven winners handed in their notice, as you might expect with a £6million winners cheque.

The disruption caused under such circumstances would be too much for some businesses to cope with and a major inconvenience, at best for most others.  Lottery Syndicate Insurance is an annual insurance cover that can be taken out by a company, providing financial support during such an event. Funds are provided to pay for temporary staff and cover recruitment costs to help ensure that the business comes out smiling, as well as the lucky lottery winners.

Annual Lottery Syndicate Insurance cover is affordable and provides peace of mind.  

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