£8,000 CLIC Sargent Direct Mail Winner

Lucky CLIC Sargent £8,000 Direct Mail Winner!

Children’s Cancer Charity CLIC Sargent have been handing out money to a different type of good cause this month.  The charity, which uses direct mail to keep in contact with existing contributors and acquire new one’s offered a selection of prizes on their latest mailing to help boost the response.

Three of the mail pieces were selected to win prizes ranging up to £8,000 if the recipient responded to the charity.  Luckily for Birmingham’s Ms Denise Ashe, she was one of many who responded without knowing that her mail piece had been selected for the £8,000 top prize!

It was a Win Win situation for the Charity and Ms Ashe.  Thanks to the prize insurance contract taken out by the charity the £8,000 was paid by Worldwide Special Risks.  CLIC Sargent received a terrific response, generating valuable income for the charity and Ms Ashe was rewarded for her continued support to a great cause.

For more information on CLIC Sargent’s fantastic work visit their website….

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