News – Outdoor Event Planning

If you are planning an outdoor event this year then the weather will probably be a major consideration. 

Will rain cancel the event?  If so how much rain? Can it be rescheduled at the last minute?  How much will it cost you if the event is cancelled? 

There are many questions event organisers will ask themselves when planning an outdoor event.  Whilst no amount of planning can prevent a sudden downpour there is plenty that you can do to help mitigate any financial loss and even ensure your event and budget survives the weather.

1.  An indoor option.  Do you have a contingency plan to move all or part of your event indoors if bad weather strikes?  Temporary structures can sometimes help the key aspects of an event to continue through poor weather conditions.  It's not the ideal solution but is usually preferable to a total cancellation. 

2.  Selecting a Venue.  When many outdoor events are cancelled it is often poor and unsafe ground conditions that are to blame.  Heavy rain mixed with soil types prone to poor drainage are a bad combination.  Choosing a site that has good drainage gives your event a much higher chance of survival. 

3. Get help, quick!  WorldWide Special Risks work with a panel of expert loss adjusters who are experienced at managing events through a potential cancelling.  Most insurance policies will cover any additional costs required to ensure an event continues and the Adjusters manage this process.  For example temporary walkways could be the difference between cancellation and a successful event and could be recommended by our adjusters and covered by your insurance policy.  If you believe the event is in danger contact, the earlier you contact your adjuster the faster help will arrive.

4.  Budget and buy Cancellation Insurance early.  Cancellation insurance is often an after thought when planning an outdoor event, but the benefits of budgeting at the start and purchasing early are many.  If you approach an insurer at the last minute when adverse weather is already forecast it may be too late to take out cover.  Pre-existing situations will also be excluded, so if you wait too long and something arises, for example the Icelandic Volcano or an outbreak of a communicable disease such as Foot and Mouth it will likely be excluded from your cover.  Buy early and you will get the full benefit from your insurance premium.

Talk to WorldWide Special Risks for advice and or a quotation for your next event.  We also provide Public Liability and Property Insurance to protect other aspects of your event.    Visit our Special Events Insurance section for more information.

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