Over Redemption Insurance and Fixed Fee Solutions

Over Redemption Insurance or Fixed Fee Solutions can be used to limit the financial liability associated with a Sales Promotion.  Money-off Coupons, Trial Offers, 2 for 1 and other promotional sales incentives are a great way to encourage sales.

Unfortunately the better the marketing idea and the more successful your promotional offer is, the more expensive the cost will be.  Over Redemption Insurance enables you to fix your marketing budget, without the risk of a huge outlay if it over redeems beyond your expectations.

In return for an insurance premium we accept the risk of any redemptions that occur over a trigger point, agreed prior to the start of the sales incentive.  You can then enjoy a successful promotion with having to watch your marketing budget disappear!

Fixed Fee Contracts work in a similar way to over redemption insurance, but provide additional benefits.  WorldWide Special Risks’ Fixed Fee solution takes responsibility for the entire promotional incentive, from the ground up, in return for a single fixed fee.

In addition we will also provide advice and assistance in the planning stages, review the promotions terms and conditions,  provide redemption handling and customer service support.

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