Prize Insurance

Prize Insurance

Prize Insurance from WorldWide Special Risks enable companies to offer high value prizes for the fixed cost of an insurance premium usually a fraction of the cost.  Prizes competitions can be based on skill, chance or response rates.

Probability or Chance based competitions such as Roll a Dice, Safe Cracks, Envelope picks and Number Matches enable exciting prizes to be offered at live events, retail promotions, fundraising events and more.

Hole in One Insurance. Find a comprehensive hole-in-one insurance package at our dedicated golf insurance site

Sports Contests. Normally involve contestants taking part in skill based contests to win prizes. Kick, Putt, Hit and Throw for a Million… See our Sports Section for a wide range of ideas and examples.

Lottery Insurance enables operators to offer high value fixed jackpots, for example £10m. The bingo and gaming industry can also protect risk and offer higher value jackpots. Vistit our Gaming and Lottery section for more ideas including the Sporting Bet £1m World Cup Predictor and Beach Bingo’s £10,000 Winner!

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