Sports Competitions and Promotions

WorldWide Special Risks have been advising the sports industry including clubs and sponsors for over a decade on producing exciting promotions with headline grabbing prizes.

Thanks to our Prize Insurance if you are looking to Kick, Pass, Throw or Hit for a Car, Cash, Holiday or other exciting prize even a Million Pounds we can make it happen for a minimal outlay.  In return for a small insurance premium, we take on the responsibility for reimbursing you in the event of a winner. Then you can pay out with a smile on your face!

Skill Based Competitions.  Solutions can be tailored clubs planning match day entertainment during halftimes and intervals, or sponsors leveraging their affiliation with sporting events staging promotional contests.  We have a range of contests such as the Cross Bar challenge and 15 years experience designing bespoke promotions for clients.

See our Ulster Bank Kick for a Mortgage case study so learn more.

Predictors.  We also have a range of sports predictors which can be used as promotional tools around a sporting event, for example the Football World Cup.  See our Sporting Bet Case Study to see how they offered a £1m prize during the 2010 World Cup.

Our Contractual Bonus Insurance is also often used by Clubs and Sponsors who have bonus payments lined to a player or teams performance.  For example a sponsor may have to pay a team a bonus for winning a competition.  Conractual Bonus insurance underwrites this risk for the sponsor or club, a little like a bet, but with the security of an insurance contract.  For more infomation see our Contractual Bonus Insurance section…

Contact us for a range of promotions to suit your requirements or read the case studies below for more information…

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