Unibet Casino Millions Envelope Pick

Unibet, one of the largest online bookmaker and casino in Europe, engaged their customers by running their ‘Casino Millions’ campaign at the end of 2011 asking “Will YOU be our next Millionaire?”
Three finalists were selected from qualification competitions held throughout November. All three were flown to Riga in Latvia for the draw which took place during the Unibet Open Poker Final.

Televised live during the final table of the Poker Final to over 1 million online viewers, one finalist was selected to pick from a set of 35 envelopes. Guaranteed to win at least €10,000 but with the possibility to win €50,000 or the top prize of €1,000,000!!

The lucky finalist was requested to continue to select and open envelopes one at a time until they had 3 denominations that matched. On this occasion the finalist walked away with the fantastic prize of €10,000.

WSR provided the prize coverage on the promotional competition, limiting Unibet’s liability and making it possible to offer the staggering prize of €1 million.

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