Football Promotions for your business

Be a on the winning team, with World Cup Prize Promotions

Be a on the winning team in 2018, with World Cup Prize Promotions

As football fever grips the country and world alike, why not take advantage of the frenzy and run your very own World Cup 2018 promotion! Our promotions are designed with your goals in mind!

WorldWide Special Risks have been advising the sports industry including clubs and sponsors for over a decade on producing exciting promotions with headline grabbing prizes.

Thanks to our Prize Insurance if you are looking to Kick, Pass, Throw or Hit for a Car, Cash, Holiday or other exciting prize even a Million Pounds we can make it happen for a minimal outlay.  In return for a small insurance premium, we take on the responsibility for reimbursing you in the event of a winner. Then you can pay out with a smile on your face!

Our promotions include:

  • Scratchard
  • Spot the Ball
  • Crossbar Challenge
  • Car Boot Kick
  • Football Predictor

And many more!

Why not use social media as part of your promotion? A strong promotion can not only drive sales – but also increase your social media outreach!

Football Predictor

Online bookmaker Sporting Bet worked with us at the last World Cup to offer customers a chance to win £1m! All customers spending a minimum 10 euro bet on the football world cup received a bonus entry into the £1m Predictor.

To qualify for the chance to win the £1m prize or a number of lower cash prizes players were asked to predict the results of the group stage matches and the overall tournament winner.

The promotion exceeded all expectations with a massive take up on the game driving bets during a critical and competitive sales period for the betting industry.

WorldWide Special Risks provide insurance to pay for the £1m prize if it were won and built the online predictor game which was fully integrated with Sporting Bets customer database.

Our expert team can work with you to design the perfect Predictor for your brand making sure it makes the biggest impact this summer!

How can you get involved?

Our promotions are tailored to suit your business or event – so call today on 01727 843686 or email to discuss your options with a member of our team. We can offer advice on the best way to run your promotion – including the rules FIFA impose on marketing!



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